The American Tipster – 100% Said They Would Buy Again!!

With March Turning £100 into £2620 Who Can Blame Them!


It’s The Last Day!

I had only agreed to help them promote their site to members & newsletter subscribers for the month of March.


Obviously, you can still join them & be part of it all whenever you want, this just means that I will not have the ability to offer the very low membership options anymore.

I WILL continue to get their emails though, so rest assured I will also carry on posting the days bets in the members area as I know a lot of those who have joined have found this helpful.


They have given us winners at  11/1, 13/2, 7/2, 6/5, 5/1, 3/1, 2/1, & 5/2


You may not be interested, that’s perfectly fine, we are all after different things when it comes to betting. But one thing that we do all want that is the same, is winners isn’t it?

And that is most definitely what these guys have been giving us. It really has been winner after winner after winner.


They sent out a small survey to all their new ‘March’ members & sent me over the results last week. 

I thought I would share with you as you may be interested.


Let’s be honest, I can tell you how great they are ’til I’m blue in the face, but it’s what all the other members think that’s important isn’t it.

Members testimonials, they really are the backbone of services like ours.


Please Take a Look Below 


Question One: “Would You Recommend Our Service To Somebody Else?”    Tricky question as some people might not want other people to know they bet

But with 10 being the best score the average response was 8.71


Question Two: “How Would You Rate Our Service?”   

With 10 once again being the highest possible score, they got 8.64


Question Three: “Would You Buy Our Service Again?”

I would say this is the most important question when finding out if members are impressed, winning & happy.

100% said yes they would.  100%!!!  That is an amazing response isn’t it.



I have also included the March results below for you, with a  profit of £2620  (£100 win / £50 each/way) it’s no surprise that they all said they would buy it again is it.



Please also find below a small selection of reviews that were left by members




Best service I’ve used in a long time. Reliable and plenty of winners


Only been receiving the bets for 3 weeks but the best service I’ve subscribed to.


Very good service definitely knows horses only early days yet will keep backing his horses


Excellent xx


great tips seem to get a profit most days,i’m 23points up so far this month (march 2019),good service


Great fun and betting on American racing takes everything to another
Level as it is something that I knew nothing about




All the above were copied & pasted directly from the surveys I was sent. Nothing altered & nothing left out.

If, like me, you agree that the best advert for any service is the opinion of exiting members, then you’ll have sat up & taken notice of those reviews that were left in the survey box.


It’s so nice for me to see as well, having ‘raved’ about these guys all month.

My worst nightmare, having made so much profits during the months I was seeing what they were like, was that as soon as I told you members about them, results went T*Ts Up.    

Not that I for one second thought they would, but you know what I mean.

That would have been terrible, but no, their form has continued to be very, very impressive.




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Satisfaction Survey




Trufflesberg 2nd -100 -100.00
Ortinola 3rd -100 -200.00
Bucky’s Pick WON 7/2 350 150.00
Rose Of Dublin 3rd -100 50.00
Spring Drama 2nd -100 -50.00
Warm Endowment WON 9/4 225 175.00
General Mach Four 2nd -100 75.00
Duzle Worpz WON 9/4 225 300.00
Naughty Sophie lost -100 200.00
Beduinos Royalcorona WON 2/1 200 400.00
Doing Fine lost -100 300.00
Beat The Heat WON 5/4 125 425.00
Prairie Dog lost -100 325.00
Stax On Stacks 4th -100 225.00
Indygo Dawn lost -100 125.00
Blakes Lucky Star 2nd EW 16/1 110 235.00
Mister Ander 3rd -100 135.00
Little Christina 2nd -100 35.00
Pappa’s Little Girl WON 6/1 600 635.00
San Sebastiana 4th -100 535.00
Bagels And Lox 3rd -100 435.00
Dash For Dollars lost -100 335.00
Mizzen Colony WON 5/4 125 460.00
War Spirit lost -100 360.00
Jacqueline D lost -100 260.00
Ollie’s Papa’s Boy 2nd -100 160.00
Saturdayniteaffair WON 5/1 500 660.00
Warrens Dirty Dancer lost -100 560.00
Livin On Prayer WON 1/1 100 660.00
Leading Prospect lost -100 560.00
Dom Juan lost -100 460.00
Irish Major 3rd -100 360.00
Arizona Baby WON 13/8 162.50 522.50
Azzurra 3rd EW 8/1 30 552.50
Run Gal Run 4th -100 452.50
Enduros Tigress 2nd EW 8/1 30 482.50
Bombay All Day 3rd -100 382.50
Delta Levy WON (EW) 5/1 275 657.50
Sweet Tea Jack lost -100 557.50
Amanda Lane 3rd -100 457.50
Chargin Storm 3rd EW 15/2 25 482.50
Opportunity Calls 3rd -100 382.50
Pepper Crown 2nd -100 282.50
Past Perfect WON (EW) 11/1 660 942.50
Spokane Eagle lost -100 842.50
Miss Chuckle H lost -100 742.50
Cowboy Rusty 2nd EW 11/2 5 747.50
Got An Obesession lost -100 647.50
Mr Janimal WON 2/1 200 847.50
Valley Wildcat 4th -100 747.50
The Leeman Dinner WON 7/4 175.00 922.50
Freddies Dream WON 6/4 150 1,072.50
On Fire 2nd -100 972.50
Brittany’s Beauty 4th -100 872.50
She’s Alotta Women WON 9/4 225 1,097.50
Yesterday’s Plan WON 11/4 275 1,372.50
Street Review WON 11/8 137.50 1,510.00
Narrow Escape lost -100 1,410.00
Yes Means No 2nd -100 1,310.00
Dear Charlotte WON 3/1 300 1,610.00
Holy Diver 3rd -100 1,510.00
Ortinola lost -100 1,410.00
Codeseventyseven WON 9/2 450 1,860.00
Can He Shine WON 3/1 300 2,160.00
Trust In Me WON 7/2 350 2,510.00
Walk Away 2nd -100 2,410.00
Oh So Attractive WON (EW) 13/2 390.00 2,800.00
Cowboy Cool 2nd -100.00 2,700.00
Elwood J 3rd -100.00 2,600.00
Fire Moon lost -100.00 2,500.00
Fibertown 3rd -100.00 2,400.00
Smokinhotredhead WON 6/5 120.00 2,520.00
Gentle Ruler WON 2/1 200.00 2,720.00
Blimey Limey lost -100.00 2,620.00
CURRENT TOTAL (1st March – 28th March) 2,620.00


If you wanted to check out past results as well, you can of course do so by going to their website






I agreed to help promote their service & take a small commission of any sale. I also am receiving all their bets for free as part of the deal as well.