The best way to find out about any service is from people who are or have been members. So please find below some visitor posts I have received on my Facebook page.

I have blanked out any members personal details for obvious reasons.

All emails are kept on record & you can see the comments on my Facebook Page



It really is an absolute pleasure dealing with somebody who has integrity and clearly has genuine top class contacts.


Booommmm what a day…


Booooooooooom!! Got on at 12/1 backed down to 13/2! Best money I have spent being a member!


Your the man, seriously folks he is the best


Amazing day today thanks. And you were very confident about them as well.  

more than I have seen you write about most others. 

Thanks again 



Absolutely superb. Once again you come up with the goods

You sounded extra confident in the email so had 2 max singles.

And for fun had a cheeky 40 on the double as well that paid over £550

Goodwood is one of my favourite weeks of the year and you have fully funded it today.

Can’t thank you enough


Many thanks once again.

I missed the first race but got on for West Drive. I started just doing small bets with you but now confidence is growing and so are my points. I just wish I’d got on for the double today but never mind there’s always tomorrow.

Keep up the good work.

Best Regards