Members Only Opportunity


Good afternoon

Sorry to have to drag you over to the website using a password, but if you’re here now & reading this you’ll be glad I did.

It’s with good reason as I can’t have just anyone finding this page, it has to be just those I contacted & answered yes to the questions I asked in my original email. 


You’ll see why I asked those questions shortly. But the reason you’re here is because there’s a horse out on Thursday (21st) at one of my local tracks Pontefract that we have to be backing.

Let me tell you a bit about it, or as much as I’m able to anyway. I obviously have to be careful how I word certain things if you get me.


Details Below

It hasn’t been running to it’s true potential, the work it’s been doing on the gallops has been superb, my man there has sent me two videos so I have seen it with my own eyes.

If you’d seen those recordings & then saw it on the track, you’d swear it was two different horses. They found the key to this horse about four months ago & have been waiting for the right time, race conditions & more importantly enough bad or mediocre runs behind it to inflate it’s odds to make it worthwhile for the yard & connections to win a tidy amount from our old friend Mr Bookmaker.  I’m told we can expect anywhere in the region of 12/1 – 16/1. I’ve done my own tissue & that seems reasonable, I’m leaning more towards the bigger end of the scale.


This is serious stuff & I have actually been sworn to secrecy. I am a man of my word yes, but I have to pass this on to some members. Ten though, that’s the absolute max. Yes seriously just ten. But I know this type of higher scale information will be out of some peoples comfort zone anyway so a lower number shouldn’t be an issue, though I know some will miss out & be disappointed.


Your Deal

Yes it’s not cheap, but because of the cost there’s no way I’m charging you the full amount upfront. So to make it accessible to you, I’ve come up with a more comfortable, realistic & fair way to get you involved.


The total cost to get this 16/1* good thing is  £399 – But my terms are £129 upfront  & then the remaining £270 once it has won, but only if it wins.

I’ll be backing this each/way, ok. At that kind of price I always will; but you do not have to pay the remainder if it places alright. That way you still profit from the place. It is expected to win, Christ they’ve been waiting long enough & they do not get things wrong. I’m just spelling out everything for you so you know what’s what.


Get On With Me Tonight

I will not keep you waiting till the morning, if you choose to be involved then all the details will be sent out to you at around 8pm this evening, that way you will be getting on at the bigger evening price.


At 16/1  a winning £50 ew bet  returns £1’060.00, £100 ew  returns £2’120.00

And this is why I asked you the questions in the email. As you can see this would not be suitable for someone who places £10 or £20 bets.



If this is something you’d like to be part of Please Click Here



I hope you’re able to join me on this one, but if not I thank-you for taking the time to read about it & I wish you a great day