Originally Emailed to Members on Wednesday 15th January


Good afternoon,


I was at Wetherby over the weekend &, through a friend who I was with, was introduced to couple of people.

We continued our chats about the business at the hotel after racing & that’s when I found out about something that I really wanted to get you involved with.


They are professional punters but they don’t run ‘tipping services’ or sell their info. But they, & some others who weren’t there, share their bets with each other using a message app.

Telegram or Whatsapp it was I think.

I was very interested in this & told them I knew that some of my members would definitely be very interested in getting their hands on these messages.


Now we’re talking about some of the biggest professionals in the country sharing their bets with each other.

I’ve seen the messages myself, each one sends out the bet or bets complete with a write up about that the horse or horses in question.


No website, no Facebook page, no ads in the racing press. It’s just a private chat group for professionals.

I don’t know much about messaging apps but I have to say I was very impressed with what I saw, the bets, the results & the detail each one put into the write ups.


I made sure that I got the conversation back round to me being able to get you access to these bets & they agreed but only to the following:


1) A limited amount only

2) I personally ‘vet’ any member that applies & give them assurance that they are trustworthy

3) They get a weekly fee


I am making absolutely nothing out of this. 100% of the fee will go to them. This is basically me helping you get involved with some of the best pro’s in the country.



Why would I want to send you elsewhere to get info?

I don’t see it as sending you elsewhere, I’m merely helping you get on additional professional information.

To be honest, I believe that the members betting professionally that will want to get these are more than likely on life-time membership with me anyway.

And with life-time carries my promise to help you win & continue getting the best possible information no matter what.


What will you get from this?

Once I have together all the details of those members that wish to get in this professional betting group. I will forward them on.

Once in the group you will get notifications whenever one of them adds a bet in there.

The messages I saw gave the horse & race time & a few lines of text giving a full write up as to why it was being backed.

You will see every bet from each of the pro’s that are in that group.


Will it last?

As long as each member treats the information with the respect it deserves & never discloses it to anyone else, then I see absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t.

It’s all about trust at the end of the day isn’t it.


Why let us in?

Mainly because I was very good at convincing them it was a sensible & profitable business move for them.

I also promised them that I would pass certain info that I get onto them as well. Also with it getting ever harder to get on the money they want

an extra income from this each week always comes in handy. They’re business men at the end of the day & know a good deal when they see one.



I know this may not appeal to all members & that’s fine.

But for the professionals among you, this will be a huge addition to the info that you already receive.


This is your big chance to get involved with some of the games biggest gamblers.



Wishing you a great day.